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Concrete Batching Plant in Philippines

Jun 21, 2022

Small and medium-sized concrete batching plants are very popular in Philippines like HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50 concrete batch plant. Because it occupies a small area and requires less investment, it is suitable for use in small and medium-sized cities and rural areas and for projects with a small amount of engineering.

cement batching plant.jpgPopular models of concrete batching plant in philippines

HZS25 concrete plant: Its theoretical output is 25 cubic meters per hour. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient disassembly and convenient construction. It is suitable for large-scale prefabricated component factories and small industrial and civil construction projects such as roads and bridges.

HZS35 batch plant: Compared with HZS25 concrete plant, its prodcution efficiency is higher. The hzs35 batching plant adopts JS750 concrete mixer, of which the theoretical production capacity is 35 cubic meters per hour.

HZS50 stationary concrete plant: It also use JS1000 concrete mixer as the mixing host just like the HZS60 concrete gatching plant. With a bucket feeding method, its theoretical capacity is 50 cubic meters per hour. It is often used in bridge construction, road engineering and construction sites.

How to choose a proper one

The concrete amount and the construction period has a great effect on the model selection. The volume of the concrete mixer truck is also an important basis for determining the model of the mixing plant. The influence of the construction object and the construction environment should be fully considered.

Investing in a concrete batching plant is not only a matter of buying a set of equipment, but there are still many places where you need to invest money in the future, such as forklift trucks, workers, the initial capital operation, etc. So you must choose a model within your budget.

The customer must also consider the quality of the operators. Generally speaking, the equipment structure and control system of the small cement batching plant is relatively simple, so the requirements for operation and maintenance personnel are relatively low; otherwise, the requirements will be high.

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