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A Popular Ready Mix Plant: Container Batch Plant

Apr 18, 2024

The ready mix concrete plant is a complete set of equipment for producing high-quality concrete. It is widely used in various types of buildings, bridges, roads, airport construction and other fields. Haomei Machinery provides various types of ready-mixed concrete mixing stations and supporting equipment such as concrete mixers, batching machines, cement silos, etc. for different applications.

The container batch plant is a popular type of ready mix concrete batching plants at present. It mainly includes batching station module, aggregate conveyor belt conveyor module, container main building module, electrical control module, powder tank module and steel structure foundation module.

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1. Batching machine model

The batching machine model adopts a modular design of upper and lower parts. The upper part is the warehouse body, discharging door and weighing scale. The gas path and circuit are laid out in the factory. The warehouse plates are connected by hinges and hung on both sides during transportation. When installing, you only need to flip it up, saving installation time.

The lower part is the belt conveyor and steel structure foundation. Overall transportation eliminates installation time at the construction site. The entire batching station installation takes only half a day.

2. Aggregate conveyor belt model

The aggregate conveyor belt adopts a large-angle trough belt conveyor, which can reduce the cost and floor space of the whole machine. The frame adopts an integral truss design, and the middle c adopts a hinge structure. The belt conveyor can be transported as a whole after being flipped and folded. During installation, you only need to unfold the frame, saving time in assembling the belt conveyor.

3. Main building module

The main building modules only have 4 boxes in total, which are the main concrete mixer part, the mixing layer plug-in box, the metering box, the metering layer plug-in box and the main building outriggers. The legs of the main building are installed with hinges, which is convenient and fast. Each box is positioned with positioning pins and then connected with bolts, making installation quick and easy.

The water, air and circuit integrated between the mixing host box and the metering layer box are connected by hoses and industrial waterproof aviation quick-plug connections. The entire main building (including the water, gas and electrical circuits in the main building) can be installed in just 1 day.

4. Electrical control module

The control cabinet, operating console and air conditioner are all placed in the control room of a standard container module. The control room is made of 50mm fire-proof and insulated sandwich panels, and the wooden floor is luxuriously decorated. The cables between each module are connected with industrial waterproof aviation quick plugs made in the factory. The control systems are all placed in the control room.

5. Cement silo module

The cement silo is a 100t or 150t powder tank that can be transported as a whole. The cement silo is made as a whole in the factory and can be hoisted as a whole after being transported to the construction site. This saves the time and effort of making the powder tank at the construction site.

6. Steel structure basic module

The container-type cement concrete mixing station adopts a steel structure foundation, and the foundation construction is simple. It only needs to level and compact the site, and harden the concrete to achieve the ground endurance required by the design. Each independent frame of the steel structure foundation is designed as a detachable structure that meets domestic transportation conditions. The frames are connected with high-strength bolts and can be reused. It is very suitable for construction projects with frequent transfers, saving costs and being convenient and fast.

Generally, the stationary concrete batching plant is made of parts, and the hoisting period of the equipment is long. After the equipment is hoisted, water lines, air pipes, wires and cables need to be installed separately. This results in a long installation and debugging cycle. The fastest time from installation to production of the equipment is 14 days.

The container-type concrete plant adopts a fully modular design, and the main modules integrate water channels, gas channels and circuits. Only bolts, hoses and industrial waterproof aviation quick-plug connections are required between each module, and the equipment can be installed to formal production in as little as 3 days. Welcome to leave message below to inquire ready mix plant price.

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