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What Is Concrete Mixer Volume Capacity M3

Apr 10, 2024

Haomei Machinery has rich models of twin shaft concrete mixers, like JS500, JS750, JS1000 and JS2000. JS500 concrete mixer is a small model, which can mix mix 500 liters of concrete and can produce 0.5 cubic meters of concrete each time, with an output of 25 cubic meters per hour. There are two discharging methods of js500: manual and automatic.

Manual discharging is to equip the multi shaft mixer with a discharging rod. When the mixing is completed, the pull rod is manually pulled to unload. Manual discharging is more economical and affordable. The automatic discharging method mainly uses cylinder discharging, motor discharging and hydraulic discharging. The three types of discharging also affect the price of JS concrete mixer.

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JS750 twin shaft mixer has a a feed capacity of 1200 liters and produces 0.75 cubic meters of commercial concrete every 60s. Theoretically, the JS750 mixer mixes 35 cubic meters per hour. With a mixing time of 8 hours a day, the JS750 mixer can produce 280 cubic meters of commercial concrete per day.

JS1000 concrete mixer, that is 1 m3 concrete mixer, can mix 50-60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Calculating 10 hours a day, a cubic mixer can mix 500-600 cubic meters of concrete per day. It can be used as the mixing host of the HZS50 or 60 concrete batching plant.

JS2000 concrete mixer discharges 2 cubic meters per bucket at a time, that is, 2000L. It can discharge approximately 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Assuming that it works for 8 hours a day, the daily output value is 960 cubic meters.


The concrete mixer machine electric consists of mixing cylinder, mixing device, shaft end seal, transmission device, lining plate, discharge door, lubrication system, etc.

1. Mixing: The mixing device consists of multiple sets of mixing arms and blades on two mixing shafts. Its function is to fully mix the concrete materials in the mixing drum.

2. Shaft end seal: It has multiple shaft end seal structure, which can effectively ensure a good working environment of the bearing.

3. Transmission: Its motor is directly connected to the cycloidal needle reducer. The two output shafts of the reducer drive the two mixing shafts to rotate at a constant speed in opposite directions through two split gears.

4. Water supply system: The water supply system consists of motor, water pump, throttle valve, cleaning device, water spray pipe, etc. The throttle valve regulates the flow of water.

5. Unloading device: The structural design of the discharge door is particularly reliable, and the overall arc surface is flush with the barrel lining surface, which can effectively reduce impact and wear.

Factors affecting the output of concrete mixer

1. Concrete mixer model

Generally speaking, the output of a concrete mixing plant is determined by the model size of the concrete mixer. The larger the model, the higher the output of the corresponding mixing station.

2. Equipment operators

If the operator operates the concrete mixer improperly, such as not loading the material too quickly, it will affect the production efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to the specifications when operating the concrete mixing plant.

When operating the concrete mixer, pay attention to regular maintenance of the equipment and check whether there are any abnormalities in the equipment. Maintenance of equipment must be timely to avoid equipment failure due to excessive time.

3. Concrete mixer truck capacity

The transporting capacity of the concrete mixer trucks also affects the daily output, because a large truck can hold more. To avoid the waste of transportation capacity, the concrete output should match it.

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