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China Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Jul 27, 2020

The concrete mixer is the key part of a concrete batching plant. Among different types of concrete mixers, the stationary concrete batching plant usually choose twin shaft concrete mixer as the mixing host. Why is the China twin shaft concrete mixer so favored by the manufacturer and customers?

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During the development of the concrete mixers, the rotary mixer appeared earlier than twin shaft concrete mixer. At present, China twin shaft concrete mixer has gradually become the mainstream form of concrete mixers. That is owed to the superior performances of twin shaft concrete mixers.

JS concrete mixer is composed of transmission system, mixing tank, mixing blades, shaft end seal, etc. The blades are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the mixing shaft. The rotation of the blades on different side is just the opposite.

In this process, the material is pushed from both ends to the middle of the mixing drum. The cement and coarse aggregate in the mixing barrel form a uniform concrete mixture under the push of the mixing blade.

The function of twin shaft concrete mixer is much stronger than a drum mixer, which is suitable for the dry hard concrete, semi-dry hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, fluid concrete and various mortars.

In addition, different customers, different construction periods and engineering quantities have different requirements for the sizes of concrete mixers. China twin shaft concrete mixer has rich models for the projects from the small to the large. If you like to know more about concrete mixer, welcome to leave message below.

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