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JS750 Concrete Mixer for Sale

Jul 27, 2020

JS750 concrete mixer for sale is a kind of twin shaft concrete mixer. It can be used independently or as the mixing host of the concrete batching plant. It is suitable for mixing plastic, dry hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars

JS750 concrete mixer is currently an advanced and ideal model at home and abroad. It has high automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast discharge speed, etc. There are some FAQ about this model.

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1. What Is the feed and discharging capacity of the JS750 concrete mixer?

The charging volume is 1200 L and the discharging capacity is 750L.

2. How long does it take for the JS750 mixer to complete one mixing?

The cycle time of the JS750 mixer is within 72 seconds. For a skilled 750 concrete mixer operator, a working cycle is generally controlled at about 60 seconds.

3. What is the lifting speed of the hopper of the 750 mixer?

The lifting speed of Haomei JS750 mixer machine is about 18m per minute, which is fast and stable among the the same types.

4. What is the power of JS750 twin shaft concrete mixer?

It includes a 30-kw mixing motor, a 7.5-kw winch motor, and a 1.1-kw pump motor. The total power is about 40 kw.

5. What is the height of its outriggers?

There are two specifications: 1.5 meter and 3.8 meter.

6. How long is the warranty for JS750 concrete mixer?

The equipment produced by Haomei Machinery, a big twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer, has one year warranty.

7. What is the size of JS 750 concrete mixer for sale?

During the transportation: the length is 3110 mm, width is 2620mm and the height is 2580 mm.

The size of JS750 concrete mixer in the working status: the length is 5025 mm, width is 3100 mm and the height is 5680 mm. The weight is about 5 tons.

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