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Different Dust Removal Systems of Mini Hot Mix Plant

May 12, 2021

During the working process of mini hot mix plant, there will be a lot of smoke and dust generated. In order to fully meet the environmental requirements of different regions and countries, there are different dust removal systems in addition to increase the sealing design of the whole equipment.

Wind dust removal is an older way to control dust pollution. It mainly use dust collectors to remove dust, of which the defect is that it only removes large particles. At present, this dust removal systems has been also continuously improved to remove dust particles of different sizes.

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Another two common dust removal systems are water dust removal and bag dust removal. Water can remove the smoke and dust largely that appears during the entire mixing process. However, because water is used as the raw material for ash removal, it will cause water pollution.

The bag filter is a more suitable ash removal method in asphalt batching plant. The performance of bag dust removal system has big effect on the the final dust removal system. The dust removal process adopts the two-stage dust removal method of cyclone (or inertial) dust collector and bag filter.

The front-stage cyclone dust collector collects coarse dust, which re recycled as aggregates and the bag filter collects fine particles and purify harmful gases. The dust collected by bag filter is used to as mineral powder. The two stages can be combined into one. An emergency air valve and a temperature control alarm device are installed in front of the bag filter.

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