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Different Types of Hot Mix Asphalt Plants for Sale

Sep 06, 2023

The hot mix asphalt plant for sale is a complete set of equipment used to produce asphalt concrete for road paving. Asphalt mixing plant is composed of asphalt mixer, screening equipment, aggregate bin, drying system, heating system, asphalt supply system, aggregate weighing system, insulation system, etc.

The stationary asphalt mixing plant is that the equipment is fixed at the working place. It is mainly suitable for urban road construction and centralized engineering construction. The mobile asphalt plant is a mobile road construction machine that produces asphalt mixture. One of its main kinds are mobile asphalt drum mix plant.

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Their mobility allows for easy transport between job sites without the need for multiple installations. This feature saves time and money while increasing productivity. In addition, mobile asphalt plants allows quick setup and efficient relocation according to project requirements. Because its silo and mixing drum are equipped with tires.

The continuous asphalt drum mixing plant is mainly composed of cold aggregate supply system, drying drum, continuous mixer (optional), combustion system, dust removal system, finished asphalt storage bin, asphalt supply system, control system, etc. The mobile drum mix plant is very different from batch type asphalt mixing plant. It produces the asphalt mixture in the drum, while also continuously drying the aggregate.

There are two different types of continuous mixing plants: co-current heating drum mixing plants (the simplest and cheapest mixing plants) and counter-current heating mixing plants (from the point of view of heat exchange, this type of mixing plant more efficient). Like a conventional hot mix asphalt plant, the bitumen produced in the dry mixing drum will be sent to a storage silo and then unloaded into a transport vehicle before being transported to the road construction site.

Features of mobile drum mix plant

1. The modular design of mobile asphalt drum mixing plant can make the installation and transportation of the equipment more convenient and quick.

2. The mixing cylinder is driven by constant power. Such equipment makes mixing easy and the equipment is more reliable.

3. The vibrating screen driven by the vibrating motor adopts imported equipment, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

4. The mobile drum mix plant is to place the bag dust collector on the top of the drum and put it in the drying state. The advantage of this design is that it can greatly reduce the loss of heat, save fuel and save space.

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