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What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

Sep 11, 2023

In the construction process, a large amount of concrete is generally needed. However, there are many types of concrete on the market, such as ready-mixed concrete, commercial concrete, etc. Many people are not clear about the difference. So what is ready-mixed concrete?

The so-called ready-mixed concrete actually means that the small RMC plant fully mixes a certain proportion of cement, aggregates, water, admixtures, mineral admixtures and other materials together through measurement, and then sells it to the construction team. It must be transported to the construction site within a specified time using a concrete mixer truck.

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Ready-mixed concrete is generally sold as a commodity, so it is also one of the commercial concretes. When transporting ready-mixed concrete, it is generally necessary to use a tower crane or a bucket truck for horizontal or vertical transportation at the construction site and on the floor.

The time from discharging to pouring of ready-mixed concrete can generally be properly controlled. When the temperature is relatively high, the mixing personnel can slow down the discharging speed, so that even when pouring, the temperature of concrete will not be so high.

When ready-mixed concrete is mixed, a twin shaft concrete mixer is used.

During the mixing process, ready-mixed concrete needs to be mixed and used at the same time, and the time from feeding to pouring must be controlled within a short time, so the slump is generally relatively small.

Compared with traditional concrete on-site mixing, ready-mixed concrete has the characteristics of improving the stability and reliability of concrete quality, greatly reducing noise and dust pollution, effectively saving and recycling resources, and meeting the needs of high-strength and special-performance concrete.

Haomei RMC plant adopts advanced fully automatic control form, with functions such as screen display, ratio storage, and automatic gap compensation. It is also equipped with manual control in the case of equipment failure.

The electrical control system all uses imported components, with reliable performance and easy operation. The whole set of equipment is easy to maintain and repair, and the accessories use standard accessories, which are easy to purchase. Welcome to leave message below to inquire ready mix concrete plant price.

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