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Four Faults And Treatment Methods of Stationary RMC Plant

May 13, 2020

During the use of stationary rmc plant, due to the aging of parts, wear and environmental impact, there are six common failures. Haomei Machinery will tell you how to solve them.


1. Inaccurate weighing of cement scale

The correct value can be displayed after the calibration with the weight, but the number does not return to zero after unloading, but the resistance value of the sensor is within the normal range and the instrument has no problem.

Solution: The angle iron for fixing scale frame should be removed; keep the scale body in isolation; the model of three sensors should be same; if the material is biased, it should be adjusted.

2. Difficult opening and closing of the discharging door

The cylinder movement is slow and weak, but there is no friction or stagnation in the mechanical part of the discharge door, and there is no air leakage in the solenoid valve and cylinder.

Solution: If the air path is not smooth, the filter element should be cleaned or replaced in time; if the muffler is too dirty, the muffler should be cleaned in time.

3. No discharge at the discharge port

The mixing shaft is difficult to rotate when the concrete mixer of stationary concrete plant is mixing the mortar, and even stops.

Solution: If it is severely overloaded, the mixing capacity should be adjusted, and the solidified mortar should be cleaned in time. If the secondary feeding is caused by human error, the excess material should be removed and the process should be followed.

If there is foreign matter stuck between the stirring blade or the side blade and the inner wall of the tank, the gap between the blade and the liner should be adjusted so that it is not more than 5 mm.

If the voltage is too low, check the line voltage again; if the parameter setting is wrong, the corresponding batching data should be carefully checked and corrected in time.

4. Conveyor belt deviation

There are three situations: the conveyor belt deviates to the same side with or without load, the conveyor belt deviates to any side without rules; the conveyor belt deviates in the middle of the whole conveying process.

Solution: If the conveyor belt is biased to one side, the side roller group should be moved sideways in the direction of the conveyor belt advancement, or the other side roller group can be moved backward (or the other side roller bracket can be raised appropriately) .

The method of adjusting the return roller group and the bearing roller group is the same. For the conveying system of longer conveyor belts, adjusting the roller group is very effective.

The adjustment of the reversing roller is an important part of the deviation adjustment of the conveyor belt. The installation position of the roller must be perpendicular to the center line of the conveying direction of the conveyor, otherwise deviation will inevitably occur.

As a concrete batch plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery not only has complete models of stationary concrete batching plant for sale, but also get rich operating experience from our customers which can help you too.

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