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How Does A 200 Ton Cement Silo for Sale Work

Nov 30, 2023

The 200 ton cement silo for sale is suitable for storage silos of bulk cement and other bulk materials in construction of industrial buildings, urban construction, roads, bridges, water conservancy and component factories. It can also be used as batching equipment for bulk cement storage in concrete batching plant.

It can replace civil engineering silos and is waterproof, moisture-proof, and prevents cement loss and environmental pollution. Compared with civil engineering silos, it occupies a smaller area, has a longer service life, and has a lower cost. The warehouse structure is made of steel plates with grooved hoops and resist welding, and the bottom frame legs are welded by international pipe groups.

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200 tons cement silo composition

The 200-ton cement silo is composed of the following parts: steel structure part of the silo, ladder, guardrail, feeding pipe, dust collector, pressure safety valve, high and low material level gauge, discharge valve, etc.

200-ton cement silo structure

The 200-ton cement silo has a cylindrical structure, with four round tube legs supporting the entire silo at the bottom. The entire silo is made of steel structure and welded; a dust collector and a pressure safety valve are installed on the top.

1. The 200 ton cement storage silo is a cylindrical steel structure with a diameter of φ3.0m. It is the main part of the cement tank for storing powder. The cement tank is equipped with a cement tank grounding protection device, which is also the carrier of the dust removal system, arch breaking device, material level meter, ladder, etc.

2. The outlet of the 200-ton cement tank is connected to the inlet of the external equipment (powder conveying equipment) by a flange. The outlet is equipped with a discharge control valve to control the quantity of cement or other powders.

3. The 200-ton cement tank uses a feeding pipe to transport powder into the tank. Bulk cement or fly ash can be directly delivered to the tank by a bulk cement truck.

4. The top of the 200-ton cement tank is equipped with an electric dust removal device, which can absorb suspended particles in the tank and reduce pollution to the surrounding environment. When there is a lot of dust accumulated on the dust collector, the vibration motor on the dust collector can be started through the electrical control system to shake off the dust.

5. The lower cone of the 200-ton cement tank is equipped with an air blowing device. The small electromagnetic reversing valve located in the air control box is used to control the release of compressed air to break the accumulation of powder materials and avoid the blockage.

6. Each of the upper and lower parts of the 200-ton cement tank is equipped with a radio frequency capacitive level limit switch. This switch can sense the storage height of materials in the tank and promptly and accurately respond to the storage of cement or other powder materials in the cement tank through electrical signals.

Working principle

1. When the cement silo (cement tank) is working, it must be erected by a special crane, and then placed on the prefabricated concrete foundation, and the perpendicularity of the cement silo (cement tank) to the horizontal plane must be checked after it is erected and and then weld the bottom to the foundation embedded parts firmly.

2. After the concrete cement silo is fixed, the bulk cement truck transports the cement to the construction site, and then connects the delivery pipeline of the bulk cement truck to the feed pipeline of the cement silo (cement tank), and uses the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck to pump the cement into the cement silo.

3. During the process of transporting cement into the storage silo, the operator must continuously press the button of the vibration motor of the dust collector to shake off the cement attached to the dust collector bag to prevent the bag from being blocked and causing the warehouse to explode.

4. Once the bag is blocked and the pressure in the warehouse exceeds the safety pressure of the pressure safety valve on the top of the warehouse, the pressure safety valve can be opened to release the pressure in the warehouse to prevent the occurrence of warehouse explosion accidents.

5. The warehouse full and lack of materials can be observed through the high and low material levels.

6. When it is necessary to discharge materials, first open the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone, and then transport the cement out through the cement delivery device.

7. When the cement conveying device fails, first close the manual unloading valve at the bottom of the cone to prevent cement from overflowing and causing waste.

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