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Vertical Cement Silo for Sale

Capacity :
50 ton, 100 ton, 150 ton, 200 ton,etc.
Steel thickness :
3, 4, 5 mm
One-piece integrated silo
For the storage of powder materials like cement, coal, fly ash,etc.

What Is Vertical Cement Silo

In the concrete production, powder materials such as cement and coal ash are transported to the cement silo through pipelines before mixing. Cement silo is a closed storage silo. The vertical cement silo includes an input pipe extending from the top.

The input pipe of the cement silo is connected to the output pipe of the cement truck. The air compressor equipped on the cement truck make the cement flow to the cement silo to avoid dust and air pollution in the open-air storage situation. Its common volume are 50 ton, 100 ton, 150 ton, 200 ton, 300-800 ton. It is a one-piece intergrated type. We also have bolted cement silo.

Structure of 100 Ton Silo

The 100 ton silo is of a cylindrical structure, and the bottom is supported by four round pipe legs to support the entire silo body. The entire silo is a steel structure and is welded, which has the following pars: silo body, dust removal system, air injection system(Aeration Pad), level indicator,pressure relief valve.

When the cement silo is working, it is erected by a special crane, and then placed on the prefabricated concrete foundation to be welded firmly.

spare parts of cement silo.jpg

The Advantages of Haomei Cement Silo for Sale

1.The whole production process is finished on the assembly line. In addition, with extra time spent on sand blasting and polishing for rust removal, our cement silo body has beautiful appearance and strong paint adhesion.

2. It is of one-piece molding and exquisite welding technology. Iron materials have particularly high requirements for rust prevention, especially in the coastal areas of Southeast Asia where the steel has undergone the huge corrosion of sea wind and moisture. The first and the most important step for rust prevention is painting, which we do better than the industry level.

3. We choose superior steel to make the cement silo body, of which the thickness can be 3,4 and 5 mm.

cement silo structure.jpg

How to Choose Vertical Cement Silo

The vertical cement silo is a kind of cement storage equipment in the concrete mixing plant. The number of cement silos is generally based on the size of the concrete batching plant. Like HZS25 stationary concrete batching plant, a 50 ton cement silo is sufficient, but HZS180 consrete mixing plant are generally 4 sets of 200-ton cement silo.

Another situation is to choose at least one cement silo for the different kinds of powder materials used for the production of concrete mixing plant, and then equip more cement silos for a certain kind or several kinds of powder materials according to the needed amount to ensure the supply. Among them, the factors affecting the number of cement silos mainly include the following two points:

1. If the concrete mixing plant is far away from the cement factory, then we need to reserve more cement, at this time we need to purchase more bulk cement silos for storage. If it is closer, we can make changes according to our actual production.

2. If there is a large concrete demand, the raw materials needed will increase. In order to supply in time, the concrete batching plant needs to book a large amount of cement or fly ash, etc. Therefore, you also need to buy more cement silos.

How to Extend Service Life of Cement Silo

1. The spiral of cement silo is less than 10 meters and the lifting lugs added on the spiral can increase fixing force to prolong the service life of screw conveyor.

2. Have a regular check of the working condition of the cement silo level gauge and the connecting bolts of the dust removal device of the motor at the top of the silo. In addition, check whether the discharge doors are in place when they are closed, and whether there is material leakage, especially the admixture discharge door, and check whether the butterfly valve is closed tightly.

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