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How Does Small Concrete Batch Plant Work

Mar 31, 2020

The small concrete batch plant is of wide application. Do you know how it works? Come on to find answer in this article.

The mixing host of the small concrete batching plant for sale is twin shaft concrete mixer and the aggregate batcher is PLD type concrete batching machine. The aggregate is loaded by the loader and measured by an electronic scale. The cement is stored in the cement silo, conveyed by a screw conveyor and measured by a cement scale.

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Water is stored by water tanks and cisterns and supplied by a water pump and weighted by water scale. After the liquid admixture is evenly mixed in the admixture storage tank, it is sent to the admixture scale by the anti-corrosion pump for measurement.

When the mobile concrete plant works, the aggregate (crushed stone, sand) is loaded into the storage bin of the batching machine through the loader, measured by the control system, sent to the belt conveyor, and then the aggregate is transferred by the inclined belt conveyor to the upper hopper of the mixer.

At the same time, under the control of the control system, the cement is transferred from the cement bin to the cement weighing hopper through the screw conveyor, and water and additives are transferred from the liquid supply system to the water and additive weighing hopper.

After all the materials are weighed, open the hopper gate of each material according to a certain order, so that all the materials enter the concrete mixer. After even mixing, the concrete will be poured into the concrete mixer truck through the discharge hopper. A production cycle ends.

The entire batching and mixing process of the small mobile concrete plant is utomatically controlled by the electronic control system (manual control is also possible). The mobile concrete mixing plant is of simple structure, convenient installation,advanced system configuration and high reliability. If you need it, welcome to consult Haomei Machinery.

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