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The Top 5 Advantages of Portable Concrete Plant

Mar 31, 2020

The portable concrete plant is favored by by more and more customers because of its special advantages. It is mainly divided into two types: trail type and pulling type. The chassis of the trailer type complete front and rear axles while the pulling type only has the rear axle and the the front end is placed on the tractor.

What advantages does the mobile concrete batching plant have? Let’s have a look together.

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1. Flexible movement and easy disassemble

Because the structure of the mobile concrete mixing plant is simpler than that of the stationry concrete mixing plant, the mobile concrete mixing station is more flexible and easier to disassemble.

2. Fast and Convenient Transfer

The main equipment of the mobile batching plant adopts a trailer chassis structure design, which integrates the batching machine, conveyor, mixer, control room, independent weighing system, and additive systems as a whole. With a tractor, it can be transferred to another construction site quickly.

3. High Measurement Accuracy

Although the structure of the mobile concrete plant is relatively simple, the quality and accuracy of the equipment is excellent. Aggregate, cement, water and additives have their own electronic weighing systems, and through advanced control models, the portable concrete batch plant realizes accurate measurement.

4. Even Mixing Effect

The portable concrete plant also adopts twin shaft concrete mixer, which features excellent mixing effect and fast speed. In addition, the twin shaft concrete mixer is durable and practical.

5. Reliable Operation

It is equipped with touch screen and microcomputer two control systems with there working modes to ensure the reliable operation of the whole plant.

As one of the big mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers in China, the main models of Haomei portable concrete plants are YHZS 25, YHZS 35, YHZS 60 and YHZS 75. If you have special requirements, welcome to contact us directly.

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