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Special Design of Weighing System in The Small Mobile Batching Plant

Apr 01, 2020

For the concrete production, the mix of each material should be in accordance with a certain proportion, so the weighing accuracy must be guaranteed. How to design the weighing system of the small mobile batching plant? There are four requirements.

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1. Weighing must be quick

One weighing of the scale must be greater than the amount of material required by the mixer at one time to ensure that the mixer does not wait for the raw materials.

2. Minimum weighing errors.

The accuracy and error of raw materials should meet the requirements of concrete construction technology. Due to the impact of material falling and the distance between the supply device and the weighing device, the weighing often fails to achieve the expected accuracy. The weighing error of cement, water, coarse and fine aggregate should be not over 1%, 1%, 2%, 1% of the weight of the material.

3. Wide application

In order to meet the production of different kinds of concrete, the weighing equipment of the mobile concrete plant can quickly change the weighing amount.

4. Simple structure and convenient control

Weighing equipment is either by volume or by weight. Nowadays, large-scale engineering concrete weighing equipment is weighed according to the weight of raw materials.

For the small concrete batch plant, the weighing equipment is divided into automatic operation equipment and manual operation equipment according to the operation mode. The automatic weighing system helps to save a lot of labor, cost and time, which is the direction of the weighing technology.

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