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How to Build A Green Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Jun 13, 2022

The problems of flue gas, dust, noise and high energy consumption generated in the production process of asphalt batch mix plant have always been criticized. Asphalt mixing equipment with high pollution, high energy consumption, and substandard environmental protection has been ordered to shut down in many countries. How to build a green hot mix asphalt plant?

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Work flow of the cold silo dust removal system

The dust of the asphalt mixing plant is mainly generated by the cold aggregate feeding and heating. The cold aggregate feeding belt is equipped with a separate dust removal system. The fan is turned on during production, and the pulse dust collector enters the working mode.

When the loader is loading, the dust removal detection device detects the loader in-position signal, the corresponding silo air valve is automatically opened, and the silo dust removal device captures the dust generated by the loader unloading. After the loader leaves, the damper valve of the corresponding silo will be closed after a delay.

The dust removal system of the main mixing system

egative pressure devices are installed in the main building for screening, metering, stirring, and hot silos, etc. The dust removal system adopts atmospheric back blowing dust removal, two-stage dust removal and offline dust removal, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of dust overflow.

Closed design

In order to control the disorderly discharge of dust in the main building, the main building of the batching plant is fully enclosed and treated with negative pressure. The specially designed temporary storage bin for overflow can be used for processing of overflow and over-limit materials, which can effectively prevent dust caused by continuous overflow.

The fully enclosed design of the stockyard prevents the dust from escaping outward, and also prevents the aggregates from being exposed to rain and increases the moisture content of the aggregates, and reduces the additional energy consumption caused by drying the aggregates.

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