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The Work Flow of Concrete Mixer Pump Trailer

Jun 13, 2022

The construction process of the concrete mixer and pump is followed by installation, pipeline arrangement, debugging, forklift feeding, material loading, mixer mixing, conveying concrete to the designated position for construction - cleaning after construction.

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On-site installation

When placing the concrete mixing pump on site, it must be placed on a firm and level ground, without slopes and potholes. Around the site, it should be ensured that there is sufficient water source and reliable power supply.

Lay out pipelines

The pipeline conveyed by the concrete mixing pump should be implemented in accordance with the equipment operation manual and the favorable conditions of the site. The operator should minimize the bends, and lay them on the principle of the shortest distance and the smallest bend. It is necessary to ensure that the pipe clamps at the joints of each pipeline are firm, with good sealing performance and no leakage of slurry.

Support points should be erected for horizontal pipelines, and fixed points should be reinforced for vertically upward pipelines to avoid shaking and loosening of the mixing pump when pumping concrete.


It is an important item in each construction. Checking various conditions of the pump is beneficial to the construction, which can avoid some failures and discover hidden dangers in advance. Idling the pump and pumping water or pumping mortar serves the dual purpose of checking and wetting the pipes.

Forklift feeding

Mix the sand, stones, cement, etc. according to the proportion required by the national standard. The forklift feeds the raw material into the hopper.


The raw material is put into the mixer by the remote control lifting hopper, and the mixer automatically mixes and adds water. The mixed concrete is uniform and of good quality.


The mixed concrete is put into the hopper of the concrete delivery pump through the discharge door of the mixer (remote operation. It will be mixed for the second time by the concrete mixer pump trailer and then the concrete is pumped to the pouring point.


After the construction is completed, it is necessary to pump the mortar once to pump out the stones in the concrete conveying pipe, and then clean the pipes and the pump.

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