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How to Choose China Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Factory

Dec 14, 2020

The small models of stationary concrete batching plants in the China stationary concrete batching plant factory are HZS25,HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75 models,etc. What is the general price of these types? In short, the prices of different types of concrete mixing plants have a certain gap.

In addition to the output, its price is also affected by the equipment material and the configuration. Generally, for each model, the concrete plant manufacture has mature match. It can also make changes according to the customers’ requirements. As a customer, how to choose a proper one?

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The concrete demand

Small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants are mostly used in engineering construction. Therefore, the model of small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants can be selected according to the demand for concrete in the project.

Suppose the total concrete demand is A; the number of concrete pouring days is B; the number of working hours per day is C; the utilization factor is X, then the hourly output is A/(B*C*X), where X is 0.7- 0.9. The transportation condition of the finished concrete should also be considered in the selection such as direct pumping or vehicle transportation.

The site area

In addition to the output, the site area also affects the choice of the model of the stationary concrete batching plant. Different models of concrete batching plant use different supporting equipment and different floor space, so the customer should choose one according to the size of the occasion.

The supporting equipment

In addition to concrete demand and site area, the size of supporting equipment also affects the choice of the stationary batching plant. For example, the loading capacity of the concrete truck should be matched with the output capacity of the concrete mixer. Improper matching will affect the working efficiency.

As a concrete plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has different models of concrete batching plants. If you don’t know how to choose, welcome to leave message below to tell us your need.

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