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How to Choose Concrete Mixer Sizes

Jun 30, 2020

There are many models of concrete mixers for sale. Which one is right for the customer’s project? It is a really difficult problem. The selection of concrete mixer sizes must be based on the scale of concrete batch plant and the amount of concrete required.

Where is a large amount of concrete needed, the large concrete mixer should be used to reduce the number of sets and save cost; when the required amount of concrete changes greatly during the construction period, some small concrete mixers can be appropriately selected for adjustment.


There is a simple introduction of the popular models and their application scope for your reference.

Discharging Volume(L)

Application scope


It is suitable for laboratory, making concrete test block


It is suitable for repair works and construction sites where the amount of concrete is small, and can also be used for mixing mortar. It is generally used as a single machine.


It is suitable for construction sites with an annual output of about 5000m3 of concrete and small concrete products factories. It can be used alone or a part of small portable concrete batch plant or stationary concrete plant.


JS500 concrete mixer can be used for construction sites and medium-sized concrete products factories with an annual output of about 30,000 cubic meters, which can a host of small concrete plants.


JS750 concrete mixer is always used as the host of HZS35 concrete batch plant.


It is used in construction sites or commercial concrete mixing plant with an annual output of about 50,000 cubic meters of concrete.


They are used as the host of the medium and large-scale commercial concrete mixing plants or concrete mixing plants for hydropower station dam construction.

In addition, the capacity of The capacity of the concrete mixer should be adapted to the large particle size of the concrete aggregate. Generally, the larger the aggregate particle size, the greater the capacity of the mixer. If you choose twin shaft concrete mixer, the aggregate size should be within 40-60 mm.

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