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The Manufacturing Level of Twin Shaft Mixer in China

Jul 01, 2020

With dozens of years’ development, the manufacturing level of twin shaft mixer has been greatly improved in China. It is more in accordance with the developing trend of construction equipment: ECO-friendly, high efficient and energy saving. Take Haomei twin-shaft mixer for example, it has made the following improvements:

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1. High-efficiency pressurized upper cover water system

Add a high-pressure water pump to the upper cover of the concrete mixer, pumping the water into the upper cover water pipeline through the pressure pump, and adding water and cleaning the twin-shaft mixer through the special spiral stainless steel nozzle of the water pipeline and the rotatable nozzle fixed at the four corners of the water pipeline.

This make spraying more even, which shorten the mixing time 3-5 seconds. It also helps to prevent the overflow of dust, which reduce the dust pollution and make the mixer cylinder cleaner. It is an energy-saving and environmental protection system that saves time and electricity.

2. Integrated gearbox transmission system

The three connection points of the concrete mixer drive system and the mixing system are reduced to one connection point, which makes the structure simpler. The mixing shaft is directly connected to the reduction box to improve the concentricity of the shaft.

This design has three advantages:

  • It is of simper structure, noise reducing about 20%.

  • It has fewer faults and high concentricity, the bearing capacity improving more than 30%.

  • Its life service has been increased by more than 1 times.

3. High wear-resistant alloy mixing shaft

The alloy mixing shaft is made of a cast steel material to ensure a certain strength and weldability. A layer of grid-like carbide alloy welding layer is stacked on the surface of the substrate to increase the hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the shaft through welding method.

As a well known twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer in China, Haomei Machinery has comprehensive models of twin shaft concrete mixers which have been exported to dozens of countries. Welcome to leave message here or emails us for quotation.

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