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JS750 Concrete Mixer: 1 Yard Concrete Mixer

Jun 30, 2020

JS750 concrete mixer is a main kind of twin shaft mixers. It is usually used as the host of HZS35 concrete batching plant. It is of reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short time, low energy consumption and low noise.

The lining board and the mixing blades are made of wear-resistant alloy cast steel with high hardness and high toughness, which has a long service life. The main parts of the electrical control system are all imported components, with excellent performance and high reliability.


1 Yard concrete mixer maintenance regulations:

Frequency: Every time

  • Check whether the body is stable.

  • Check whether the link bolts on the supporting arm of the blade and the mixing blade are firm.

  • Check whether the connecting bolts on the loading frame are firm.

  • Check Whether the pool is full and whether the pipeline is unblocked.

  • After ending work, clean the dust accumulation inside and outside of the mixing tank, discharge door and hopper, and rinse it with water.

  • Cut off the power supply and lock the electrical control cabinet.

  • Add lubricating oil to the lubrication point.

  • All water stored in the water supply system should be drained.

Frequency: Every week

  • Check the wear of the wire rope and apply a little lubricating oil to its surface. After the wire rope has worn to a certain degree, it should be replaced.

  • Check the oil level of the gearbox, the oil quantity of the oil pump, and the condition of each lubricating part, and add lubricant to the hopper roller bearing and the lubricating bearing.

  • Keep the water supply device clean to avoid clogging. Check and clean the suction valve.

  • Check whether the rocker arm of the travel switch is loose, and adjust it if necessary.

  • Check whether the contactor contacts in the electrical box are damaged.

Frequency : Every month

  • Check the hoisting brake and make appropriate adjustments.

  • Check the water pump and throttle valve for preventing water leakage.

  • Check the open gear and apply lubricant, and adjust the belt tension.

  • Check the wear of the blades and lining plate, and replace it if it is worn out.

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