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How to Choose Hot Mix Asphalt Plant For Sale

Jun 09, 2020

Hot mix asphalt plant for sale is a complicated system with different parts. When you choose a batch type hot mix plant, some key issues around the equipment itself also need your attention.

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1. What fuel does the burner use?

There are three types of fuel for the burner: coal, gas and oil. In general, you need to consider the fuel supply in terms of convenience and cost. Which kind of oil is more convenient to get? Among the available choices, which is more economic? The answer will be your reason for customizing the burner from the manufacturer.

2. How to deal with waste powder?

If waste powder is directly discharged from the outlet of the dust collector, it will cause environmental pollution. The recycling of waste powder is not only beneficial to environmental protection, but also effective to save resources. Haomei stationary asphalt plant can centrally store, wet and transport the waste powder to the the waster powder bin to join the following asphalt production.

3. How to configure the dust collector?

There are different kinds of dust collector: cyclone dust collector, water dust collector, volute dust collector and bag dust collector. The asphalt drum mixing plant is usually equipped with cyclone dust collector. The dust removal effect of water dust collector is very limited. The advanced models of Haomei asphalt mixing plant is equipped with volute or bag dust collector, which has better dust pollution treatment.

4. How to choose asphalt supply method?

The asphalt supply method we recommend for you is to use asphalt tank. With continuous heating, the asphalt is in liquid state and the temperature is adjustable. That will be helpful for ensuring the asphalt quality.

5. Which kind of control system to choose?

There are two kinds of human-computer interaction interfaces: computer and touch screen. They all adopt PLC control system to realize manual or semi-automatic control. It depends on you to choose which brand of PLC control system to choose.

Asphalt batch plant is a large-scale construction plant. There are many questions to consider that you may ignore. As a hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer in China, Haomei Machinery can help you to choose a right kind and model.

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