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The Pros And Cons of Hot Mix Asphalt Plant for Sale

Jun 09, 2020

Hot mix asphalt plant for sale is to produce asphalt mixture with a temperature of up to 160-180 ℃ by mixing liquid asphalt, mineral power, other additives and the heated cold aggregate.

The common two types of asphalt plants are batch type hot mix plant and asphalt drum mix plant. Each type has its own pros and cons.

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The advantages and disadvantages of batch type hot mix asphalt plant

The advantages of batch type hot mix plant

  • Each component is accurately and respectively measured and has high-precision screening.

  • Powder and various additives can be added.

  • Real-time monitoring and precise change of oil-rock ratio during operation.

  • It adopts bag dust collector, which is in accordance with environmental requirements.

  • It is of highly intelligent control system.

  • The finished product is of high quality.

  • It is suitable for large-scale and high-grade road construction projects.

The disadvantages of asphalt batch mix plant

  • It needs a large area.

  • High initial investment.

  • High maintenance and operating costs.

  • The asphalt batch mix plant is of complex structure, which requires high managing level.

The pros and cons of asphalt drum mix plant

The pros of asphalt drum mix plant

  • It is of modular structure, which is easy to install, transport and relocate.

  • It has less land occupancy, which can be used in narrow areas.

  • Its operating costs is relatively low.

  • It has low investment cost, quick profit return and high cost effectiveness.

  • The asphalt drum mixing plant is particularly suitable for countries and regions that are rapidly developing rural transportation.

The cons of asphalt drum mix plant

  • There is no precise weighing of each component and not screening of aggregate.

  • It can’t add mineral powder and other additives, so the finished products is of low quality.

  • Dust removal facilities are simple, which has limited dust removal effect.

As a hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has both kinds. You can choose one according to your projects and budget.

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