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The Control System of Small Portable Concrete Batch Plant

Jun 04, 2020

The small portable concrete batch plant has five major parts, of which the concrete mixer and the batching machine are the core equipment and the the microcomputer control system is an indispensable system for improving the production efficiency of the mixing plant.

The control system is the key part of the mobile concrete plant to realize the fully automatic production. It adopts the industrial computer, which can be can be controlled automatically or manually. The display screen dynamically displays the operation of the various functional areas and stores various data of the mixing plant at the same time. It also can print various report materials as required.

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In addition to the above functions, the control system of the portable concrete plant has the following advantages:

1. High automation helps to greatly improve production efficiency.

2. It can store a large number of mix ratios for users to choose and it is very convenient to modify.

3. It can carry out automatic tracking and correction of the weighing error, which can significantly improve the weighing accuracy.

4. In order to meet the dynamic weighing accuracy requirements of the concrete batching plant, the system is equipped with manual and automatic correction functions for the moisture content of the gravel.

5. It can intuitively simulate the entire process flow of the whole portable concrete plant, which realize real-time monitoring.

6. It can automatically record, store and print all kinds of data.

7. The optimized control and advanced scientific management can be realized.

8. The microcomputer control system can judge whether the cement in the silo is lumpy and automatically break it.

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