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How to Choose Small Precast Concrete Batching Plant

Dec 30, 2021

The small precast concrete batching plant can produce plastic, dry concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and other concretes with high production efficiency. It is mainly used in precast plants for the production of concrete products.

Its central control room can seamlessly connect with the engineering production management system, which realizes centralized control and management, and responds more quickly. Its unique small square volume high-precision measurement can fully meet the requirements of precast concrete production. At the same time, it can achieve compulsory dust removal during the production process, which is more environmentally friendly.

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High reliability

Haomei Machinery has optimized the feeding method and the main engine blade layout, which can effectively reduce the main engine current peak value and reduce the motor load. Compared with the traditional machine, it can effectively save energy and increase the machine life. The machine also has a remote diagnosis function and automatically prompts maintenance needs.

Low energy consumption

Through intelligent process control in the production process, the machine's efficiency can be fully utilized and energy consumption can be reduced.

Low cost

By dividing the sealing part and supporting the bearing position, the safe operation of the bearing is ensured, the maintenance of the bearing and the seal is more convenient, and the maintenance cost is low.

How to choose a precast concrete mixing plant

1. Concrete demand

Before purchasing a concrete mixing plant, we have to determine the approximate amount of concrete used, and how long is the estimated amount of work. Then we can calculate how many cubic meters of concrete need to be produced every day based on this data. Therefore, the user must make a detailed plan before making a selection, including research and analysis, equipment model determination, and site establishment.

2. Site area for station construction

When the user chooses the model of the precast concrete mixing plant, one should also consider the area of the site. If the lifting hopper is used for feeding, the area is relatively small and the site utilization rate is high. If the belt conveyor is used for feeding, the site area requirement is relatively high.

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