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How to Build A Mobile Asphalt Plant For Sale

Jan 07, 2022

The small mobile asphalt plant for sale is in ideal equipment for small road construction or road maintenance projects, with an hourly production capacity of 10-80 ton, which can an be easily transferred from one construction site to another. The small mobile asphalt concrete mixing plant is composed of cold aggregate supply system, cold aggregate elevator, asphalt supply system, dust removal equipment, asphalt mixer, etc.

 small mobile asphalt plant for sale.jpgThe establishment of a mobile asphalt plant mainly includes four aspects: site selection, planning and construction, demolition and commissioning:

Site selection

The site selection of the asphalt mixing plant must consider the impact on the surrounding residents and the environment as well as the economic rationality. Therefore, when selecting a site, the following factors should be considered:

1. The location of the asphalt mixing plant is reasonably close to the asphalt pavement construction site. It is best to be built near the midpoint of the construction section. At the same time, consider whether the source of water and electricity is convenient.

2. There must be a certain distance from residential areas and ecological crop areas to minimize the impact of noise, smoke and dust on the surrounding environment, avoid unnecessary environmental complaints, and establish a good construction image.

3. The site can provide enough space for the placement, storage and driving of the mixing plant. The geological conditions are good, and the site is flat and has the lowest curing cost.

Site planning and construction

The site planning of the portable asphalt batch plant for sale should be scientific and reasonable to maximize the utilization and effectiveness of the site and meet the production needs as much as possible. To do a good job of site planning, the following factors should be considered comprehensively:

1. The placement of the asphalt mixing plant. Asphalt mixing plants should be placed as much as possible in the site with relatively solid geology to reduce the workload of site solidification.

2. Planning and construction of stockyard. According to the requirements of the types of asphalt concrete mixtures produced, the stockyard shall be reasonably divided to ensure reasonable intervals and to meet the requirements of different types.

3. Planning of the route of raw material transportation vehicles, the route of finished material transportation vehicles, and the route of production and feeding.

4. Ensure that there is a proper distance between the equipment and components. For example, the diesel tank is placed at a certain safe distance from the heat source and the fire source; the asphalt tank is placed as close as possible to the electronic metering scale on the mixing tower to reduce the pipeline distance.

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