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How to Improve Concrete Quality of Mobile Concrete Plant

Apr 02, 2020

The mobile concrete plant has been some contractors’ choice over its strong mobility and high efficiency. At the same time, the concrete quality also needs to be guaranteed. How to improve its concrete quality? There are six tips for the operators.


1. The loading order should be strictly followed. Its sequence is stone-cement-sand. The loading quantity of each batch shall not exceed the standard capacity of the mixing drum. Before mixing, add only water and rotate for a few minutes.

When mixing the first batch, because of the loss of mortar on the cylinder wall, the amount of stones should be halved according to the mixing ratio.

2. The well mixed concrete should be discharged completely. Before the complete discharging, When mixing the first plate, considering the loss of mortar on the cylinder wall, no more mixing materials can be put in. In addition, continuous feeding while mixing is strictly forbidden.

The various components of the concrete should be mixed uniformly and the color should be consistent. The uniformity of the mixed concrete should be checked as required.

3. When checking the uniformity, it should be done during the discharge of the mixer and samples should be taken from 1/4 to 3/4 of the discharge stream for testing.

4. The minimum time for the mixing of concrete should be ≥90 seconds and must be strictly controlled. For the control of concrete mixing time, it should be randomly checked at least twice per day.

5. The water-cement ratio of portable concrete batch plant should be strictly controlled. The water amount is not allowed to increase or decrease without the permission of the professionals.

6. During the production and transportation of concrete, different departments of small batching plant should have smooth communications to ensure continuous supply of concrete.

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