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How to Choose a Right Mobile Concrete Batching Plant According to Your Own Needs

Apr 01, 2020

A mobile concrete batching plant well matched with your own needs is a right choice. How to purchase one according to your practical need? There are four tips for you.

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1. The choice of concrete mixer according to the concrete type

The concrete mixer is the key part of mobile concrete plant. The type of concrete mixer should be selected according to the concrete type. For example, for water conservancy projects, twin shaft concrete mixer must be selected. In addition, the concrete batching machine and cement silo should be selected according to the types of raw material.

2. The choice of portable concrete plant model according to the work amount and period

These two parameter is to decide how large the portable concrete mixing plant will be. In the selection, the transportation condition of the finished concrete should also be considered. Is it directly pumped or transported to the near construction sites? The volume of the conveying vehicle is also an important factor to help decide the model.

3. Operator quality affects the choice of large or small concrete batch plant

Generally speaking, the small concrete batch plant is of simpler structure and simple control system, so it has low maintenance for the personnel. The large concrete plant is of complicated structure and high automation, so the requirements for operators are also high. When you buy one, you also need to consider this factor.

4. Are there any special requirements?

In general, the concrete batching plant manufacturers have mature equipment configurations, such as specifications, quantities, and varieties. You can also make special requirements when ordering mixing equipment, and Haomei Machinery will try our best to meet your requirements. Don’t pursue larger model than that you really need, it will cause unnecessary costs.

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