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How to Judge Quality of Wet Batch Concrete Plant

Jul 07, 2020

The wet batch concrete plant is widely used in infrastructure construction. Most users only know how to use a stationary concrete batching plant, but have little knowledge of its quality problems. There are some tips to help you make judgement:

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1. The operation of the transmission system should be flexible without abnormal noise.

2. The supporting circuit installation should be reasonable and the equipment installation must be correct.

3. The mixing host of stationary concrete plant is usually twin shaft concrete mixer. It has excellent mixing performance and can mix different kinds of concrete.

4. The angle of belt conveyor and screw conveyor shouldn’t be too large, or it will influence the normal operation and is easy to cause failure. The angle of Haomei belt conveyor is lower than 30 degree. The degree of Haomei stationary batching plant is about 45°.

5. The quality of the cement silo is qualified.

6. The transmission of the belt conveyor or bucket elevator should be stable and flexible without noise and jamming.

7. The safety valve must not have air leakage.

8. The inspection of the measurement system is also very important. It is necessary to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the measurement system.

9. Attention should also be paid to the lifting temperature of the reducer.

10. The feeding and discharging process of the measuring hopper should be smooth, and there will be no accumulation or overflow.

As a concrete batching plant manufacturer with rich experience, Haomei Machinery has solid power to give you a quality wet mix concrete plant with professional installation guide.

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