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How to Choose Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Jul 07, 2020

At present, most of the stationary concrete batching plant is a wet batch concrete plant, which has higher efficiency and higher concrete quality than dry batch concrete plant. That’s why it becomes the primary choice of most customers.

How to choose a right one? There are many models of stationary concrete plants: hzs25, hzs35, hzs50, hzs60, hzs90, etc. There are some tips.

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1. Production Scale

To Reach the annual concrete output, we need to make a calculation the hourly capacity a concrete batching plant should have. If the annual output is below 200,000 m³, we should choose hzs 90 stationary concrete plant or a larger model; if the annual output is 200,000 to 300,000 m³, hzs120 concrete plant is a proper choice; if the annual output is more than 300,000 m³, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is general It is 150m³/h or 200m³/h.

2. Attached equipment

Select the specifications and working dimensions of the concrete mixer according to the conditions of the attached equipment. The loading capacity of the mixer truck should match the output capacity of the mixer. Improper matching will affect the work efficiency. The loading capacity of the loader should match the loading height of the wet mix concrete plant.

3. Management function

If intensive network management is adopted, we should consider whether the network management function of the stationary batching plant is qualified and suitable for further upgrade.

4. Reputation of concrete batching plant manufacturers

The cost of a stationary concrete batching plant is not a small number, therefore its quality is very important. Choosing a reliable concrete batching plant make the purchase of stationary concrete plant simple. It will provide reliable equipment, professional guide and considerate service in time. With many successful cases abroad, Haomei Machinery enjoys high reputation among the customers.

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