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How to Operate 380V Concrete Mixer

Oct 20, 2020

The twin shaft concrete mixer is a kind of popular electric concrete mixer machine. The voltage for it is 380V. When we make use of the electricity to operate the 380V concrete mixer, what should we pay attention to?

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The technical requirements

1. The temperature rise of the twin shaft concrete mixer during normal operation does not exceed the allowable limit. Monitor the load current of the concrete mixer motor. Larger twin shaft concrete mixer motor should be equipped with an ammeter to monitor the load current of the motor.

2. Monitor the power supply voltage. Changes in frequency and voltage imbalance, too high or too low power supply voltage and current imbalance caused by three-phase voltage imbalance may cause the motor to overheat or other abnormalities.

3. Pay attention to the smell, vibration and noise of the motor. If you smell burnt smell or find abnormal vibration or rubbing sound, extra-large buzzing sound or other noise during operation, you should immediately power off and check.


1. Regularly check the bearing lubrication of the electric concrete mixer machine and change the lubricating oil regularly. When replacing the lubricating oil, the bearings and bearing caps should be cleaned with kerosene and cleaned with gasoline. Rolling bearing lubricating grease should not exceed 70% of the volume of the bearing chamber.

2. Pay attention to keeping the inside of the motor clean. No water, oil and debris are allowed to fall inside the motor of the 380V concrete mixer. The air inlet and outlet of the mixer motor must be kept unblocked.

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