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How to Operate Concrete Mixer Pump Factory

Apr 28, 2020

The concrete mixer pump factory is a small concrete equipment having concrete mixing and pumping in one. At the same time, its operation is very simple, therefore it is often seen in the urban and rural construction projects.

If you have one or plan to buy a concrete mixer machine with pump, there are some installation and operation tips for you:

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1. It is the location of concrete mixing pump. It should be installed on a flat and hard ground. It can’t placed on a soft earth to prevent the equipment from shaking, falling, tilting, or even collapsing during the work.

2. Each pipeline of the concrete mixer pump must be firmly connected, and a firm fixing device must be installed at the bend. The horizontal pipeline must have a fixed point every 10m. All clamps must be fastened in place to ensure that the joints are tightly sealed to prevent leaking.

3. Check each part before the construction operation and make sure that all parts are intact and pipelines are smooth.

4. During the operation, the operator must enhance the safety awareness, especially can not reach into the running machine such as the hopper, and must wait until the machine is turned off and the operation is completely stopped before the relevant operation can be carried out.

Relevant construction personnel and technical personnel must pay close attention to the dynamics of the diesel concrete mixer pump during the operation, find abnormalities in time, thus avoiding machine failures and safety hazards.

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