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How to Realize Light Weight of 52m Concrete Pump

Mar 10, 2020

Is a lighter 52m concrete pump better or worse? For the pump truck designer, his whole life research is on how to make the booms thinner. From the perspective of materials science, the heavier the boom is, the greater the load it is subjected to, which is more likely to cause fatigue deformation of the boom material itself and shorten the service life of the boom.

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From the perspective of energy saving and emission reduction, the heavier the boom, the more work it takes to expand the boom, and the greater the pressure of the boom oil pump. From the perspective of energy conservation law, the energy consumption of the engine is bound to increase.

According to relevant data, for every 1% weight reduction of the boom, the fuel consumption of the engine can be reduced by about 0.8% -1.1%. Therefore, light weight of the booms is an important topic for the concrete pump truck, especially for the long boom concrete truck such as 52 meters.

Then, how to realize the light weight of concrete pump truck for sale? The boom is made of the arms, the oil cylinder and pump tube. We can lighten the weight from these three aspects. The weight reduction of the boom can be started from structural optimization and high-strength lightweight materials.

Take the 52 meter concrete pump long boom for example. The boom uses a hollow design, which reduces the consumption of raw materials and naturally the weight of the boom is lighter. At the same time, to keep good performance and enough rigidity, Haomei chooses 1100Mpa ultra-high-strength steel. The use of ultra-high-strength steel is an important development direction of lightweight boom.

For the oil cylinder, Haomei also starts with the material. High-strength aluminum alloy is one of the development trends of lightweight cylinders in the future. As for the pump tubes,to ensure the same service life and pressure resistance with lighter weight, Haomei chooses higher quality wear-resistant materials and improves the production process.

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