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47m Concrete Pump VS Trailer Line Pump

Mar 11, 2020

47m concrete pump is a kind of concrete pumping equipment with its own boom, therefore the construction process is greatly simplified and the construction intensity of workers is much reduced. There are also other kinds of concrete pumping equipment such as trailer line pump. What are their difference?

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First of all, compared with trailer line pump, 47m concrete pump has its own arms. The trailer line pump need to finish the pipe connection before pumping. After the construction is completed, the pipeline needs to be removed, so a concrete pump truck can greatly save labor cost.

Secondly, concrete pump long boom adopts a full hydraulic control hydraulic system, which transmits signals through oil pressure, making the operation simpler and more reliable, and reducing the construction risk.

In addition, Haomei Machinery independently developed an energy-saving control system that automatically matches engine output with load changes, thus minimizing fuel consumption.

The last but not the least, the space occupied by the outriggers is also very small, which makes it easy to work in a narrow area. The design of the small boom pump truck has effective protective operation, which can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system and the safety of the construction personnel.

In one word, the greatest advantage of 47 meter concrete pump is its simple operation and convenience. Most importantly, it has a short payback period and it is a popular pumping equipment, which is a good opportunity to expand business.

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