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How to Replace Hydraulic Oil of Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

Aug 03, 2020

In the concrete pouring industry, the diesel concrete mixer pump has gradually replaced the traditional concrete mixer or concrete pump with single function. After the concrete mixing pump reaches a certain service life, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced, which is a very important matter. How to do? There is a guide from the concrete mixing pump factory:

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1. Turn off the motor first, turn off the main power switch of the equipment, and hang a warning sign.

2. Open the refueling hole, take out the refueling filter element, insert the suction pipe of the pumping unit into the fuel tank, open the pumping unit and pump the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank into the prepared oil drum. Then tighten the lid of the oil drum and move the drum to the waste oil storage area.

3. Open the end caps at both ends of the fuel tank, and check whether the residual oil at the bottom of the fuel tank and its sides and corners contains metal powder or other impurities. Clean the fuel tank thoroughly with diesel oil, and then dry the inside of the fuel tank with compressed air.

Remove all filter elements in the fuel tank. When replacing or cleaning the filter element, carefully check whether there is metal powder or other impurities on the filter element, so that you can understand the wear of the parts in the system. The end cap and gasket of the fuel tank can be installed and fixed only after the supervisor on duty confirms the cleaning.

4. Disassemble the solenoid valve, thoroughly clean all pipe joints, pump and motor joints with diesel oil. Use compressed air to blow out the waste oil in the filter, hydraulic cylinder, and oil pipe. All pipe joints should be installed and connected in sequence.

5. Check the filter if there is an internal leakage.

6. Fill the fuel tank from the fuel filler port. Install the refueling filter element first, and then open the new oil tank. Fill the oil to the upper limit of the oil mark and cover it.

7. Test machine. Turn on the motors one by one, and check whether the disassembled parts have oil leakage.

8. Clean up the site, and notify the site supervisor to start production.

9. Fill in the oil change record.

10. The replaced hydraulic oil and the oily rags used for wiping the oil tank should be invoiced in time and handed over to the warehouse.

The above suggestions are provided by Haomei Machinery, the concrete mixer pump factory. If you like to know more about the concrete mixing pump, welcome to leave message below.

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