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What Are The Advantages of Concrete Mixing Pump Factory

Aug 04, 2020

With the town development in many regions, many small construction contractors start to buy the mobile concrete mixer with pump factory because it is economical and practical. It not only can pump concrete, but also mix concrete on site. What are its specific advantages?

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1. High cost performance.

With two functions in one, it is more convenient to use. In terms of the investment, the concrete mixing pump factory price is much lower than the total cost of a concrete mixer and a concrete pump.

2. Long conveying distance, high pumping floor

Haomei concrete mixer pump can transport 20-25 floors vertically, which can meet the height of the general high-rise buildings in towns. Its horizontal conveying distance is about 300meter, which can meet the need of road construction.

3. High efficiency and simple operation

This diesel concrete mixer pump can produce and transport 30 m3 concrete per hour, which has higher efficiency 3 times the traditional concrete mixer. In addition, it can be fully automatically controlled.

4. Safe operation with low risk

This concrete mixing pump adopts pipes to convey and pump, which will greatly reduce the risk factor. There will be no the falling of stones or the breaking of the wire rope to hurt the passers-by or workers.

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