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How to Save Electricity of Asphalt Hot Plant for Sale

Aug 20, 2020

To save electricity, it involves the design, manufacturing and use of asphalt hot plant for sale. In terms of design, each transmission component should be of high efficiency. For example, the reducer can choose shaft mounted, universal joint or coupling type.

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The first-stage dust collector adopts the gravity dust removal method, and reduce the length of the dust removal duct and the power of the induced draft fan. The vibrating screen should use three-dimensional simulation to determine the motor power, vibration point and other parameters; the agitator should also use three-dimensional simulation to determine the shortest time and parameters such as the minimum power.

In terms of processing, the the induced draft fan should vibrate less and the gap between the fan blades and the shell is reasonable, so that the induced draft fan itself is more efficient and energy-saving.

The rollers of the drying drum should be accurately positioned and heat treated. If the processing accuracy of the synchronizer of the asphalt mixer is not enough, the power loss will also occur, therefore we should use high-speed synchronizer and improve installation accuracy.

In terms of use, the material temperature should be stabilized within the required range when the hot asphalt plant is turned on, which not only saves electric energy, but also saves fuel and raw materials.

When the asphalt plant stops working, it must be shut down in the correct order. The belt can be turned off after the cooling material stops for one minute, and the asphalt mixer can be turned off after brushing clean. The hoist and vibrating screen will be turned off after stopping the fire for 10 minutes, and the rest of the motors will be turned off after about half an hour.

Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the factors affecting the energy saving of the mixing plant involve the whole process of design, manufacturing and use. Therefore, the hot mix asphalt plant manufacturers and users of the mixing plant should work together to reduce the cost in this regard.

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