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Is It Difficult to Operate Long Boom Concrete Pump

May 21, 2020

The advantage of the long boom concrete pump is having a large construction range. The longer the boom length, the longer the distance that can be pumped. For the concrete pump truck with a length over 50 meters, they are all regarded as long boom concrete pump. It will greatly reduce the moving frequency and improve working efficiency.


However, with longer length, the sections and structure of the concrete pump truck will be more complex and its price will be higher. The technical requirements for pumper operations will also be higher. For pump workers, the difference between operating a 35m pump truck and a 52m concrete pump. The operation of concrete pump long boom needs rich practical experience.

The characteristics of the long boom pump truck is that he chassis is longer, the boom is longer, and the space required after the outriggers are deployed is larger. After the length of the chassis is increased, the overall flexibility will be reduced; the boom is longer, and the stability of the boom is definitely worse when working; and the expansion space of the outrigger is larger, and the requirements for the construction site are naturally more high.

To ensure the stable operation of booms, the first thing is to ensure that the chassis is stable. When the boom rotates, it will shake left and right, and the impact force caused by the reversal will cause the boom to shake up and down. Therefore, it is very difficult to operate the boom accurately. Therefore, the core of concrete pump truck operation is stability.

To help the operator has a better control of booms, Haomei concrete boom pump truck for sale adopts intelligent shock absorption technology, active shock absorption technology, anti-fatigue optimization design. The The maneuverability of the boom has been greatly improved.

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