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JS500 Small Electric Concrete Mixer

Oct 20, 2020

The small electric concrete mixer of 500L is widely used for many projects. It has many types, of which the JS500 concrete mixer is the most popular. It discharges 500L of concrete each time, which is also called 4 bag concrete mixer.

The hourly production capacity of JS500 twin shaft mixer is 25-30m³/h, and the power of the mixing motor is 18.5KW. It can be either used as the mixing host of HZS25 concrete batching plant or used with PLD batching machine. It has been a primary choice of small and medium-sized construction projects.

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Structural advantages

Its structure mainly includes mixing drum, hopper loading frame, lifting mechanism, mixing blade, mixing shaft and mixing arm, discharge mechanism, fuel supply, water supply system and electrical system. It is suitable for mixing plastic, dry hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars.

Performance advantage

JS500 electric concrete mixer features high automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast discharge speed, long service life of inner tank and blade, and convenient maintenance.

In the automatic discharge mode, the whole machine has the advantages of convenient water supply control, high power and low power consumption.

JS500 electric concrete mixer price

There are many factors that affect the electric concrete mixer price. Generally speaking, the JS500 concrete mixer price of big manufacturers is higher than that of small manufacturers because the former provides better quality and after-sales service.

Another main factor is configuration. Even if the model is the same(js500), he higher the configuration, the higher the concrete mixer price. Therefore, in order to get an accurate and reasonable price, welcome to directly contact us by leaving message below or sending email to us.

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