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Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Nov 19, 2020

The mobile asphalt drum mix plant is a kind of asphalt mixing equipment with many advantages such as high production efficiency and relatively low equipment prices. The penetration rate in the United States is as high as 90%.

With the technical improvement of continuous mixing equipment at home and abroad, the increasingly standardized aggregate production process, and the development of highway construction, the mobile asphalt plant is becoming more popular. To make it follow the future trends we has made many improvements.

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Drying system:high thermal efficiency less energy consumption

We make use of software co-simulation technology to optimize the structure of the lifting blade of the drying drum, optimize the residence time of the material and ensure the heating temperature of the aggregate.

The exhaust gas temperature to be maintained at 90℃~110℃, allowing the drum to achieve high heat exchange. The thermal efficiency is as high as 90%, and the energy consumption is reduced by 15%.

Dust removal system: intelligent dust removal to ensure safety

We have realized intelligent control of dust removal frequency. The filter bag effective working area can be as high as 98%, reaching the European standard emission (<20mg/Nm³), realizing the stability of the negative pressure in the drum, thereby ensuring the production of asphalt mixture quality.

Integral modular type: multi-component integration in one vehicle for easy transportation

The overall structure is compact and easy to transport. Two sets of vehicles can contain more than 70% structural components, which is adapt to overall rapid movement and relocation.

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