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The Brands and Types of Asphalt Plants

Nov 19, 2020

Asphalt concrete is widely used to pave roads and airport runways. There are three main sources of asphalts: natural asphalt, coal asphalt and petroleum asphalt. Asphalt resources are limited and very precious. They are non-renewable or synthetic materials. Therefore, any waste of asphalt is not allowed. Choosing a proper asphalt mixing plant is very import for making full use of asphalt.

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Asphalt mixing equipment is a professional equipment for used to produce various types of asphalt concrete. There are different types of asphalt plants: cold mix asphalt and hot mix asphalt. According to the working mode, the hot asphalt plant can be divided into continuous asphalt plant and batch type hot mix plant. At present, the Chinese market is mainly occupied by batch type hot mix plant.

The components of the asphalt batch mix plant include: batching machine, aggregate belt, feeding belt, drying heating drum, burner and fuel supply system, hot aggregate elevator, vibration screening machine, hot aggregate bin, metering and mixing module, finished material lifting system and finished product silo, dust removal system, powder system, asphalt heat transfer oil system, control system, air supply system.

As for the brands of batch type hot mix plant. There are some international well known brands: MARINI,SiM, ASTEC, NIKKO, TELTOMAT, ERMOONT, etc. China asphalt mixing plant is well known for high cos performance. Haomei Machinery is a reputable China asphalt mixing plant manufacturer.

Asphalt mixing plant is a complex equipment, so it is difficult to achieve 100% reliability. The international best level is generally about 85%. At the same time, due to high complexity, on-site installation and commissioning cycle is long. Choosing a reliable manufacturer is especially important. Welcome to leave message below to get our best quotation.

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