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Mobile Concrete Mixer Pump VS Small Trailer Concrete Pump

May 09, 2022

The mobile concrete mixer with pump is a small concrete pump that adopts a fully automated construction operating system and integrates feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. The pump is easy to operate, stable in performance and easy to move. It was invented and produced in China.

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The S-valve concrete pump is a closed system with good sealing performance, high delivery pressure and high pumping height. The large-diameter coagulator cylinder has a long effective stroke, which solves the problem that the concrete mixing pump can not absorb large aggregates.

The concrete mixing pump is mainly used for concrete conveying work in large concrete projects such as tall buildings, highways, and overpasses.

The concrete mixer pump has three big systems: pumping system, mixing system and electronic control system. The pumping system features high material absorption and high pumping rate. As for its mixing system, The produced concrete has good workability and compactness, high strength, and will not damage the floor formwork structure during construction. Its is of remote control operation, which is easy to learn and operated by one person.

The small trailer concrete pump for sale is a kind of concrete conveying equipment that continuously conveys concrete that meets the pumping conditions to the pouring site through horizontal or vertical pipelines.

It is powered by motor or diesel engine and is widely used in high-rise buildings, municipal construction, electric power, energy, transportation and other civil and industrial buildings with large demand for concrete and long conveying distance.

In general, these two types are used to pump concrete, but the concrete mixer with pump has its own mixing function while the small trailer concrete pump for sale only has the pumping function. Haomei concrete mixer with pump and trailer line pump both can reach vertical 100 meters and horizontal 300 meters or more.

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