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Small Concrete Mixer with Pump

Aug 30, 2022

The small concrete mixer with pump is to combine the traditional mixer and concrete pump as a whole and is welded on a frame with axles, which is pulled by a small truck or small loader to transfer between several construction sites or between multiple construction points, thus maximizing the reduction of interval time.

Compared with truck mounted concrete pump and boom pump truck, concrete mixer pump is the cheapest. They are divided into electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump. The difference lies in whether the power source of the hydraulic system is provided by the motor or by the diesel engine.

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When buying a concrete mixing pump trailer, the configuration of the product cannot be ignored. It is usually necessary to observe the frame thickness, workmanship and materials of other key parts. When selecting parts, the material of the hydraulic hose and the lubricating copper pipe is as important as the "main oil pump", the heart of the concrete pump.

The key parts of Haomei concrete mixer with pump adopts high wear-resistant parts imported from the well-known brands, which can ensure the progress of uninterrupted construction 24 hours a day. The service life is increased by 30% to more than 10 years, and the service life of the concrete conveying cylinder is more than 150,000 cubic meters.

Pumped concrete is different from traditional concrete construction methods. The requirements for concrete not only meet the strength and durability specified in the design, but also meet the requirements of pipeline transportation for concrete mixtures, that is, concrete mixtures should have good pumpability.

In June 16, 3 sets of small concrete mixer pump were sent to Malaysia. In the early stage, Malaysian customers conducted a live video inspection of our factory and spoke highly of the company's technical strength, production capacity, product quality, product certificates, shipping capabilities, after-sales service, etc. This was owed to our deep study of the the Malaysian market. According to the specific situation in Malaysia, related technical improvements have been made to the heat dissipation performance, fuel consumption, controllability and comfort of the mixing pump.

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