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Influencing Factors of Investment in Asphalt Mixing Plant

Aug 30, 2022

Asphalt mixing plant generally consists of cold material supply system, aggregate drying and heating system, hot material lifting device, vibrating screening system, oil heating system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, metering system , additive metering and conveying system, mixing device, asphalt fume and dust filter and dust removal system, electrical control system, storage and discharge system and other parts.

The traditional asphalt mixing plant is generally fixed, and it is fixed in a certain place for production operations. When the site is transferred, this stationary asphalt plant has to be disassembled and reassembled. However, a mobile asphalt mixing plant can be moved with the construction site, effectively expanding the scope of use and improving the construction efficiency.

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Asphalt batch mix plant accounts for the largest proportion of investment in road construction equipment. It is not only related to normal production, but also directly determines the quality of asphalt mixtures and the cost of use. Investing in asphalt mixing equipment is a capital-intensive investment and a major decision for road contractors and asphalt mixing suppliers. A detailed assessment of factors other than asphalt batching plant cost is required to determine the type and capacity of an asphalt mixing plant investment.

The model of asphalt mixing equipment should be scientifically and reasonably selected according to the annual output. If the model is too large, it will increase the input cost and reduce the effective use efficiency; if the equipment model is too small, the output will be insufficient and the construction efficiency cannot be improved, thereby prolonging the operation time.

The mobility of asphalt plants should also be considered, especially if contractors are working on projects in remote locations and they may have to relocate the plant after the project is complete.

Commercial hot mix asphalt suppliers using stationary plants should also consider the nonrecoverable costs of foundation works and lifting equipment required for installation. The cost and ease of operating and maintaining the plant, after-sales service and support, and the availability of spare parts are also key factors in the decision-making process. In these aspects, Haomei Machinery has a good reputation. Welcome to leave message below to inquire mini asphalt mixing plant price.

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