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Small Electric JS500 Automatic Cement Mixer

Mar 13, 2024

In addition to differences in models, small concrete mixers also have different types. For example, JZC350 and JZC500 are small drum concrete mixers; JDC350 and JDC500 are small single shaft concrete mixer. JS500 concrete mixer is a small twin shaft concrete mixer. Different types of concrete mixers have different equipment features.

JS500 concrete mixer is also a small electric concrete mixer. The mixing drum does not move when it is working, and the mixing is forced by several sets of blades evenly placed on the rotating shaft in the drum. During mixing, the blades rotate around the vertical or horizontal axis to forcefully mix the materials until they are mixed evenly. The twin shaft concrete mixer has high production efficiency and mixing quality, far superior to other types of cement mixers.

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JS500 mixer is suitable for hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, and can also mix fluid concrete. It is a multi-functional mixing machine suitable for high-quality concrete mixing operations. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with a batching machine and cement silos to form a simple concrete batching plant.

Its structure mainly includes a mixing drum, hopper loading frame, lifting mechanism, mixing blades, mixing shaft and mixing arm, discharge mechanism, fuel supply, water supply system and electrical system. The mixer power is 18.5KW, the winch power is 5.5KW, the water pump power is 750W, and the total power is 24.75KW.

The JS500 automatic cement mixer feeds 800 liters of raw materials and produces half a cubic meter of concrete (500 liters) every 60s. which is approximately 0.5 cubic meters of concrete. Therefore, the output of the 500 concrete mixer is 0.5 cubic meters each time. When it works 8 hour in a HZS25 concrete batching plant, the daily output is about 20*8=160 cubic meters.

JS500 cement mixer has different configurations, which will influence its final price. For example, there are different let heights like 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.7 meters, and 3.8 meters. The discharging methods are also divided into manual and hydraulic opening.

The concrete mixer manufacturers’ strength also affects its strength. Concrete mixers from large manufacturers are priced higher than those from small manufacturers because the former offer better quality and after-sales service. There are other influencing factors, including the choice of spare parts, the degree of automation of the mixer, etc.

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