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How to Do Concrete Mixing Plant Maintenance

Mar 05, 2024

A concrete mixing plant for sale is a huge system, and the equipment itself alone will account for a large amount of daily expenses. It is urgent to reduce the cost of concrete mixing plant and we must try our best to reduce costs in every link.

First of all, the stationary concrete plant must do daily maintenance work, timely cleaning, timely inspection, and timely repair of faulty parts, so as not to cause equipment failure and then spend a lot of money to make it normal.

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Secondly, have a good control of the raw material consumption. The concrete mixing plant has a heavy workload and uses a lot of raw materials. Therefore, a small amount of waste cannot attract our attention, but a small amount adds up to a large amount, which will definitely lead to a lot of waste in the long run. We must pay attention to the reuse of the raw materials.

The following are several common maintenance methods for concrete batching plants:

1. Daily cleaning and maintenance

During the use of the concrete mixing station, some debris will accumulate, such as cement, sand, stones, etc. These debris will affect the normal use of the equipment, so the equipment needs to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning work mainly includes removing debris accumulated on the equipment, cleaning the mixing barrel inside the equipment, etc. During the cleaning process, the water should be clean and prevent it from entering the electronic control system of the equipment.

2. Replacement of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil

Many equipment in the concrete mixing plant require regular replacement of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Lubricating oil and hydraulic oil will be subject to wear and pollution during use. If not replaced in time, it will cause equipment failure and shorten the service life of the equipment.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly replace lubricating oil and hydraulic oil according to the regulations in the equipment's operating instructions, and ensure that the replaced oil meets the requirements.

3. Equipment inspection and troubleshooting

During the use of the ready mix concrete plant, various components of the equipment will wear and loosen. If not found and repaired in time, it will lead to equipment failure. The inspection work mainly includes inspection of various key parts of the equipment, such as the lining plate of the concrete mixer, mixing blades, motor transmission system, hydraulic system, etc. The detected faults need to be eliminated in time.

4. Regular maintenance

The maintenance of concrete mixing plants requires experienced technicians. Maintenance work includes lubrication, tightening, and adjustment of various key parts of the equipment. Lubrication work mainly involves adding oil or grease to rolling bearings, chains and other parts of the equipment to reduce friction and extend the service life of the equipment.

The tightening work mainly involves checking the key connections of the equipment, such as bolts, nuts, etc., to ensure that the equipment will not loosen during operation. The adjustment work mainly involves adjusting various parts of the equipment, such as the tightness of the belt, the tension of the chain, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

5. Maintenance of cleaning water system

The concrete batching plants use a large amount of water during the mixing of concrete, so the maintenance of the cleaning water system in the equipment is very important. The cleaning water system mainly includes water pumps, water pipes, sprinklers and other parts.

During use, the cleaning water system is prone to problems such as blockage and leakage. Therefore, the cleaning water system needs to be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation.

6. Maintenance in rainy days and cold winter

In rainy days or cold winter seasons, there are some special requirements for the use and maintenance of concrete mixing plants. When using the equipment on rainy days, you need to pay attention to the waterproofing of the equipment to prevent the equipment from being corroded by rainwater. At the same time, attention should also be paid to keeping the equipment warm to avoid equipment failure in cold weather, such as bearings freezing and cracking.

In short, the maintenance of concrete mixing plants is the key to ensuring the normal operation and service life of the equipment. Through regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection and maintenance, the service life of the equipment can be extended, the reliability of the equipment can be improved, and the occurrence of equipment failures can be reduced.

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