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Some Construction Problems of Concrete Mixer Pump Trailer

Feb 15, 2022

The concrete mixer pump trailer is a popular small engineering equipment. What are the common problems during the construction process and how to solve it? Here are three common problems and the corresponding solutions.

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The blockage of the concrete mixing pump

1. The particle size of the sand is unreasonable. When the content of fine sand passing through the 0.315mm sieve hole is small, the pipe will be blocked even if other technical indicators of the concrete meet the requirements.

Since these fine sands play a similar role as balls in the concrete, it can reduce the conflict between the pipe wall and the concrete, improve the fluidity, increase the cohesion and water retention.

2. Poor concrete ratio. When the pressure gradient is large, the concrete mixture with poor proportion will penetrate through the aggregate gap, which will cause the aggregate to coalesce and cause the pipe to block.

In addition, when the water-cement ratio of concrete is too large, it is easy to segregate, resulting in the separation of mortar and aggregate to block the pipe.

3. Foreign matters block the pipe. Theoretically speaking, the blockage of the pipe is most likely to occur when three large stones meet and clamp on the same section. At this time, most of the section is occupied by stones, and the flowable area is very small.

Usually, the maximum particle size of the stone and the inner diameter of the pipe are d: D < 1:3, and a square grid is set on the pump hopper to prevent the over-diameter stone from being mixed.

The leakage of slurry from the discharge door

When the unloading door leaks during the operation of the mixing pump, it may be because the unloading door is not tightly closed or the remaining adhesive around the unloading door is too thick. At this time, the bolts under the discharge bottom plate can be adjusted to make the discharge door tightly closed and the operator should remove the remaining adhesive materials.

The heating of the hydraulic system

1. During the use of the diesel concrete mixer with pump, the oil level of the hydraulic oil in the oil tank should be observed at any time, and the oil level of the hydraulic oil should always be kept within the normal level, so as to ensure the heat dissipation effect of the oil tank.

2. If the cooling effect of the cooler is reduced, the temperature of the oil will also rise. Therefore, you must regularly check the cooler, remove the dirt on its surface, and correctly adjust the opening pressure of the safety protection device.

The quality of concrete mixer and pump often has a lot to do with the construction efficiency. Haomei diesel concrete mixer and pump has the lowest failure rate in the industry. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it.

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