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The Advantages of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

Sep 11, 2020

The commercial concrete batching plant is well known for its strong productivity and excellent production quality. It adopts twin shaft concrete mixer, which features strong mixing performance, uniform and rapid mixing, and high productivity. It can achieve good mixing effect for various proportions of concrete.

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In the commercial concrete plant, if the concrete mixer is the heart of the mixing plant, the metering system is the soul of the batching plant. Because the metering system directly affects the performance and quality of concrete. The measurement system of the commercial concrete mixing plant includes the measurement of water, cement, external additives and sand and gravel.

The accuracy and stability of the metering system determines the quality of concrete production. Static accuracy cannot meet the requirements. The key lies in the accuracy of the dynamic measurement drop and the computer's capture of data.

In the production of the mixing station, the production must be strictly in accordance with the mixing ratio. Without written instructions from the laboratory test personnel, no one is allowed to increase or decrease the raw materials, additives and water consumption at will. The mixing time depends on the state of the concrete and cannot be increased or decreased without the consent of the tester.

During production, it should be closely observed whether the measurement is accurate, and the gap should be adjusted in time if the error exceeds the specified error. All measurements should be within the minimum value range when there is no load. Other abnormal situations in the measurement system must be reported and handled in time.

In addition, the error of cement, admixtures, and water should not exceed ±1%. When the quality of cement or admixtures is found to be insufficient, check whether the screw conveyor is blocked in time and eliminate it in time. The aggregate error should not exceed ±2%. When the error exceeds the standard, the worker need to find the reason in time and then make up.

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