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The Advantages of Concrete Pump with Mixer Machine

Sep 27, 2020

The concrete pump with mixer machine is a mechanical equipment that can mix and pour concrete on site. It can meet the concrete construction of various house structures. It conveys the concrete through the pipe connection method, which is safe and reliable. What are its advantages?

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1. With concrete mixing and pumping in one, the procument costs are reduced.

2. Its mixing part is of the twin shaft mixing system, which has excellent mixing performance and high efficiency, meeting the standard of commercial concrete.

3. On-site mxing and continuous pumping makes the efficiency can reach 4-6 times that of traditional pumps.

4. The mixing and pumping process can be completed by one operator, saving construction costs.

5. The total power of cement mixer and pump is lower than the total power of traditional mixer and the concrete pump, saving enery consumption, which is suitable for rural construction.

6. It has has strong mobility and functions, and is suitable for alternate operation of multiple sites.

7. The investment cost is low, and the product payback period is short. In addition, it is also suitable for leasing.

8. The pumping height of Haomei concrete pump with mixer machine can reach 15 floors and its horonzital pumping distance can reach 300m.

9. It can be converted into a truck mounted concrete mixing pump or a ship-mounted mixing pump.

That’s why the concrete mixer with pump is so popular. Welcome to leave message below to get the concrete mixer with pump price.

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