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What Is Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Price

Sep 27, 2020

The concrete mixer pump machine is a kind of concrete pouring equipment that integrates the functions of feeding, quantitative mixing, mixing, conveying, etc., and is deeply loved by customers. However, many customers find the diesel concrete mixer pump price of different manufacturers varies a lot. What price is reasonable?

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For the concrete mixer pump machine, its own parts are very many and the cost is relatively expensive, so there is no cheap cement mixer and pump. The cheapest concrete mixer pump is about 7500-14,900 dolloars. It is of average quality and ordinary performance.

The diesel concrete mixer pumps of 15,000-29,000 dollars all adopt imported core components, has greatly improved the conveying distance and pumping height, and has good after-sales service. The only drawback is that it is still inconvenient to use the towing method for transfer.

In addtion to the above advantages, the cement mixer and pump of more than 29,000 dollars is completely vehicle-mounted. After completing one construction site, it can be transferred to another construction site immediately without delay in making money.

Haomei diesel concrete mixer pump adopts high wear-resistant parts imported from well-known brands, which can guarantee the progress of uninterrupted construction for 24 hours, and the service life is increased by 30% to more than 10 years. The service life of the concrete delivery cylinder is more than 150,000 square meters. Welcome to leave message below to get a quotation directly.

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