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The Advantages of YHZS60 Mobile Concrete Plant

May 07, 2020

In the construction of highways and high-speed railway projects, construction equipment is often relocated with the progress of the project, and the relocation process of heavy equipment is usually troublesome.

At the same time, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the requirements for rapid transition, modularization, mass production and environmental protection of the concrete batching plant are becoming more and more urgent.


On the premise of meeting the output and quality of concrete, mobile concrete plant has realized rapid installation, flexible movement, convenient relocation, mass production and environmental protection and efficient construction, especially suitable for all kinds of mobile construction sites such as roads, bridges, dams, airports, electric power, etc.

YHZS60 mobile concrete plant is a popular model of the portable concrete batching plants. Let’s have a look of its advantages:

1. The overall structure of the original mobile concrete batching plant is relatively complex, which needs to remove a large number of ladders and outriggers to transport. Contrarily, the YHZS60 mobile concrete plant of Haomei Machinery very convenient to move, and the control room can be quickly taken in below the belt conveyor.

2. It has its own wheels and is very convenient to transfer. Wherever high quality concrete is needed, it can be moved there. The performance of the equipment will not be affected by the relocation, which greatly increases the production time and shortens the disassembly and assembly cycle.

3. The portable concrete batching plant an be installed quickly. The structure of the whole machine is compact and reasonable. Most of the functions of the mixing station are completed on the traction chassis, so that the aggregate, weighing, lifting and mixing are integrated to facilitate movement and rotation.

4. The mobile concrete mixing plant greatly reduces transportation costs due to its special design, and the cost of disassembly and assembly (including maintenance) is also greatly reduced. The need for external support has also decreased accordingly, including personnel and site preparation, which will bring huge benefits overall.

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